Toz Boya Çeşitleri Nelerdir?

Epoxy Powder Coating

Epoxy powder coating are functional paints with high mechanical, chemical and corrosion resistance.

They are paints suitable for indoor use due to their resistance to UV rays.

Epoxy-Polyester Powder Coating

Epoxy – polyester powder coating, also known as hybrids, are an economically good alternative to epoxy paints in interior applications. It is designed for decorative interior strengths that do not require exterior resistance (UV rays). Since one of its components is polyester, its yellowing resistance is higher than epoxies.

Polyester Powder Coating

Polyester powder coatings are resistant to UV rays. Because of these features, they are preferred in outdoor applications. It has very good mechanical strength. Yellowing resistance is better than epoxy and hybrid systems. Super-resistant polyester powder coatings last 2-3 times (30 years) longer than normal powder coatings. It is especially used in architectural exterior applications.

Polyurethane Powder Coatings.

Polyurethane powder coaatings are generally preferred on mat and UV resistant surfaces. They have very good surface spread. It is generally used in auto parts and wood pattern transfer applications.