Neden Toz Boya?

Protects the Environment

Powder paint, which is an environmentally friendly process, does not contain volatile oil (solvents).
This not only protects the environment, but also protects worker health.
It will be sufficient for the dyeer to wear only a dust mask.


Powder coating usage efficiency is close to 100%. The excess discarded paint is collected with the recovery system and reused.
Therefore, it is more economical.

Provides Perfect Coating

Dye during the cooking process to ensure good adhesion to the polymerization of the powder material. The resulting coating has excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, chemical effects and impacts. As a result of the continuous researches of powder paint manufacturers, important advantages such as color, brightness, texture, durability and ease of application have been gained.


Powder coating systems for reasons of economic studies:

More laid back paint is used.
Preparation takes a short time.
It is used as purchased from powder coating manufacturer. It does not require pre-mixing or preparation to use.

Automation is Easy

Three important factors that make powder coating very suitable for automated plants:

Electrostatic charged powder paint fully adheres to the material to be coated with a “static” effect.
fully penetrates into corners and cavities.
Powder coating does not flow.